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About BitPet

A Norwegian Game Studio



BitPet® started as the idea xPet by Alf Inge Wang, co-founder of Kahoot!, and professor of game technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The idea for the game is based on research in co-located social engagement using game technology, and how video games can motivate physical activity. The concept went through a feasibility study at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, where Mathias Grønstad studied. We started prototyping the game in early 2020, and the BitPet company was founded in September 2020. The project has received funding from; StartupLab, The Research Council of Norway, NTNU Discovery, Innovation Norway, The European Space Agency, and The Norwegian Space Agency. BitPet also placed 2nd out of 110 entries in the MyGalileoSolution contest hosted by the European GNSS Agency. BitPet® is currently a registered trademark in the EU, UK, and Norway. The studio is a managed partner with Niantic Inc.

BitPet is more than just a game. We are determined to establish a new generation of exergames with a global appeal, making physical activity fun and social for everyone. 


Our purpose is to create joyful experiences that promote a physically and socially active lifestyle for everyone. 

To do so, we follow a set of principles that are core to our beliefs as a company:

Core Values

Player First

Our priority is, first of all, to provide a fantastic and meaningful player experience, then monetization.




Our games will have fair and transparent business models. It should be evident to the player what parts of the game that is free and what parts the player must pay for.

We strive to provide joyful experiences to everyone. Our games are inclusive, relevant to a broad spectrum of demographics, and enjoyable regardless of age, gender and interests.

Our games are meant to promote physical and social health. We want or games to motivate the players to a healthier lifestyle with increased physical and social activity.

Sponsors and partners

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